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New Year's Greeting Party for Retired Faculty

On January 15th 2013, The 2013 New Year's Greeting Party for retired staffs was held in the Specialist Building of Xinying Campus. The leaders of the Faculty (Kang Zhaorong, Wu Xing, Luo Xuemei, Liu Meihong and Zhang Xiaolong) were all invited to participate in this event. And Mr. Kang, secretary of the faculty, chaired the gathering.

In the gathering, Kang Zhaorong first introduced the new young leadership team of the Faculty to all retired teachers and workers, and on behalf of the new team, thanked all retired teachers and workers for their contributions on the faculty’s reform, development, in particular, for their constructive concerns and supports. He finally wished all of them a happy New Year!

Dr. Wu Xing, the dean of the faculty, reported recent developments of the college, and stressed that the made achievements of the school embodies the wisdom and sweat of all faculty staffs, including all retired teachers and workers. He also kindly asked all retired teachers for their further supports, constructive suggestions and valuable advices to further promote the development of the college. Finally, he delivered sincere regards to all retired staffs and wished them a happy new year, a good health and longevity.

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