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An entities LabVIEW club with the United States National Instruments (NI) Company was set up

On November 27th, 2012, a ceremony for the setting up of an entities LabVIEW club with the National Instruments (NI) Company was held in the Faculty Academic Hall. The club is the first entity club established in all Chinese western universities, and can represent our college’s leading position in the field of electromechanical testing technology. The club will perform as an important platform for the scientific research, engineering and technical exchanges in the local Yunnan Province and the western area of China.

The sales manager, Pan Deng and marketing engineer Xu Zheng of NI, the dean of the college Professor Wu Xing, deputy secretary Professor Luo Xuemei, vice dean Professor Liu Meihong, and the director of Yunnan Key Laboratory of engine system, Shen Lizhong, are invited to attend the meeting.

Besides, the champion of 2012 annual greater China LabVIEW developer contest, Zhang Shengbin, and the first president of the club, Dr. Pan Nan as well as representatives of the faculty and students as total more than 200 people attended the inaugural meeting.

After the awarding ceremony, Mr. Xu Zheng, Professor Wu Xing, Professor Shen Lizhong, Mr. Zhang Shengbin and Dr. Pan Nan gave several presentations concerning the testing technology, virtual instrumentation and the applications of LabVIEW, and exchanged their personal ideas with audiences in a warm atmosphere.

National Instruments Corporation, as a leading American company in the field of test, control, design of instrumentations, headquarters in Austin, Texas, USA, and has extensive branches in more than 40 countries over the world.

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